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memory card data recovery software

memory card data recovery software – review

In some situations a software product for professional data recovery can be a valuable support for restoring the lost information.

The use of these tools assumes that the recovery disk from which to retrieve the data is physically functioning, though not particularly complex, a minimum level of technical knowledge by the user for a conscious use of various functions.

Kroll Ontrack develops software solutions for professional data recovery professionals to offer information, technical tools and advanced users “do-it-yourself”.

Ontrack EasyRecoveryProfessional is the complete software solution that meets the needs of data recovery, file repair and hard drive diagnostics.

A single package includes the features and functionality offered by Ontrack DataRecovery, Ontrack FileRepair, Ontrack Data Advisor and EmailRepair.

EasyRecoveryProfessional can recover all file types and is able to show a preview. To be able to resolve more complex cases, EasyRecovery Professional takes advantage of the recognition of hundreds of file formats.

memory card data recovery

The software works on IDE / ATA / EIDE / SATA / SCSI, Jaz / Zip removable media, floppy disks, external devices (USB, Firewire) and memory card. Repairs as well as some Microsoft Office file formats.

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