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How to recover the password of MSN Messenger

How to recover the password of MSN Messenger

Many people, at least once, have been victims of theft of your password and when you realize that someone has slipped into our privacy, one experiences a sense of anger and is very easy to lose control. Today we want to help all those victims of profiteering! Following this procedure, you can finally get back the password of your account and go to chat with your old friends. This method will be useful even if you forget your password and you have not stored on your PC (if you have stored on your PC, see below):

1st method:

1) go to the website http://account.live.com/
2) click “enter another account”;
3) Enter your Windows Live ID (email address) that uses the Messenger and password;
4) Click enter to verify that you can use the account from the web;
5) If you are unable to login, try resetting your password. follow this procedure:

a) go to the website http://account.live.com/
b) click on “enter another account”;
c) Enter your Windows Live ID (email address) and click on “forgot password”;
d) follow the wizard to reset the password;
e) if you have any problems during the recovery (can not remember the secret question and answer alterntivo or email address), contact the technical support of Windows Live at this link: https://support.live.com/default.aspx

clicking on the words “Windows Live Messenger” and report all required data indicating “I can not access” from the options. After you successfully reset your password, go to the next step.

6) If you can successfully enter using your account, remove the credentials previously saved, and then re-insert it. To do this follow these steps:

a) The access of the Messenger screen, select your email account from the drop-down menu. If you do not see the email, go to step 6.c;
b) Click on the word “cancel storing the user profile”;
c) Enter your email and password;
d) Check the box next to the items “stored user profile” and “Remember my password” to save your information and click “Login”.

But how do they steal my password? Well the possibilities are many! The most ‘frequent use of a password is too easy to guess … many users for simplicity, use passwords like “12345678” or your name or phone number propio … nothing more ‘wrong! Always use password “complicated” or words without meaning. An example can ‘be’ magma5500 “or” fiat77opel …

2nd method:

Another common method for stealing the password is that of social engineering: the person who wants to send you your password, by pretending to be an engineer at Microsoft, asking for your personal data, or sends you the email link for a page “camouflaged” (fake login) very similar to MSN, where you are invited to enter “user” and “password”. Never, ever, Microsoft will contact you to get your data! And always pay attention when you enter your personal information over the Internet, checking the address of the website. In this manner also could go back to your “secret question”.

Always pay attention to the computer that stores your passwords! especially on your home computer, you always put a password for access. Anyone with a USB key configured to steal all the passwords in a computer using special software, can ‘the rubarvela less than a minute!

Pay attention to spyware running on the net! Circulating several programs that promise to run special features and amazing for your Messenger … in fact, once installed, will fill your PC from viruses, worms and Trojans and withdraw your MSN password and sends it to the creator of the malicious software. Always download software from trusted sources like this site and the official website of Microsoft.

Download and install MSN Plus script only at the official site and our site. NEVER MSN PLUS script posted by your friends or by malicious web sites because circulating malicious script once imported can steal your password as well as being able to do damage to your PC. Camouflage is not to be suspicious as scripts that are endless trills, or similar written nuanced, but in fact their code is also programmed to violate our privacy. All scripts are sure of MSN Plus is available on the official database. In this case, the very people most ‘unexpected that can work around them. Trust is good, not to trust is better!

3rd method:

Another method used to steal your password, is to exploit the Winks: these are special files used on Messenger that use flash technology, but which, if properly modified, can take your passwords with a simple submission. If you do not feel safe, you can disable the receipt of Winks directly between the options of the Messenger (Microsoft claims to have solved the bugs from version 8.5 of msn).

4th method:

Finally, we mark a final method, called Brute Force. It is probably the least used, given the unreliability and the considerable time it takes. This method is nothing more than a software test tens of thousands of passwords automatically, using a “dictionary” which contains many words. Again, it will be sufficient to have the foresight to use an alphanumeric password is meaningless to waste time at the pirate guy.

Finally, be sure to use an alpha-numeric password is meaningless and difficult to guess, beware the phantom Msn technicians who ask you your personal data, secure access to your computer and you use only secure software downloaded from official

NB: I forgot my password, but fortunately it is saved on your computer. How can I remember it? Very simple, there is a software stand-alone “which is called MessenPass that you remember passwords stored on your PC. Operation is easy, simply download this file, extract the compressed file and double-click the file mspass.exe

This method, of course, is useless if someone has already stolen and changed the password.

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