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Terms & privacy Policy | Digitbyte

Copyright agreement

Unless otherwise stated, DigitByte station all the contents are all original.

When you want to reprint these articles, be sure to indicate the source and author information in the article (in the form of hyperlinks).

In the station, we also include some content from other sites, we maintain the original link, and respect for the creators of the work. If you find any problems, please contact and inform us, we will go to correct the error in the shortest period of time.

Privacy Policy

When you purchase our product, we use third-party payment, they are REGNOW, SHAREIT, PLIMUS and SWREG, after you have bought Digitbyte products successfully, the third party payment provider will feedback us your information, which includes your name, e-mail address, IP address, country, region, etc. These user information will be used only in the product technical support, namely: you encounter prouduct problems in use, your registration code is lost, we will contact you through the Email.

We will not display this information, rent or sell to anyone.

If you have any question or problems, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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