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RAID-6 data recovery software

RAID-6 data recovery software – review

What is RAID-6?

RAID 6 uses a division-level blocks with parity data distributed across all disks twice. it was not present among the original RAID levels.

In RAID-6, the parity block is generated and distributed between two equal stripes, on two separate drives, using different parity stripe in two “directions”. The RAID-6 is more redundant RAID-5, but is very inefficient when used in a limited number of discs. See the double parity, explained below, for an implementation even more redundant.

Advantages of RAID-6: very high fault tolerance due to double redundancy.

Disadvantages of RAID-6: Write very slow because of the change and the parity calculation (6 disk accesses for each I/O), N+2 disks necessary, very expensive economically, because of the redundancy and complexity of the controller structure.

RAID 6 data recovery software – Getway Raid Recovery v2.1

The program is the powerful raid data recovery software which can extract data from multiple Hard disks in a RAID-6 system (it is also compatible with low version of the RAID).

RAID 6 data recovery software

Main features:

Smart Mode:
Smart Mode can help user recovery the RAID easily, quickly and conveniently, even though the user doesnt have the technical knowledge on RAID recovery. User does not need to know the RAID Parameters, such as Stripe Size, Drive Offset, Direction of Rotation, Drive Order, etc. Getway RAID Recovery will help you analyze the drives and work out all details of the parameters.

Manual Mode:
Select the “Manual Mode”, you should know all details of the RAID, and also you should correctly set up all the parameters, such as Stripe Size; Drive Order; Drive Offset; RAID Type, etc. In general, we just recommend the “Manual Mode” to the professional user, and also we don’t suggest user directly use the “Manual Mode”. We suggest user use the “Manual Mode” to analysis the RAID when he can not get the data by the “Smart Mode”, or the RAID type is special, or encounter the file system which can’t be supported by the system.

User-defined Mode:
“User-defined Mode” is the powerful complementarity to the RAID Type which can’t be supported by the system. User can set up the RAID Type, the serial number on every strip, thus it can increase the flexibility of the system.

Files View:
User can directly view the partition data by the “Files View”. User can intuitionistic know the Smart Mode result /manual set parameters is right or not. If the result/ parameters is right, user can create the image.

It ensures the 100% intactness of the data on your RAID when doing RAID recovery. It will not try to “fix” your RAID. It just create a copy of your RAID.

Guide Operation:
Easy, quick and smart operation.

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