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Open Video Capture | DV/DC/webcam video capture software – free download

Open Video Capture is a webcam capture software, DV video capture softare and DC video capture software – free download.

  • Price: $ 29.99
  • Current Version: 1.1
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/VISTA/7/8


Open Video Capture is a software that allows you to record or capture video (image or photo) directly from your webcam, TV Tuner card, digital video (DV), digital camera (DC), etc.. you can save these videos captured in AVI format on your hard disk.

The use of Open Video Capture is very easy: click “Option” button, choose where to store the recorded video, then just hit the “Capture” button, this tiny webcam video capture software will do the remaining things for you.

Main features:

  • It can set video compression codec and audio compression codec, output frame size and frame rate.
  • It also snapshots pictures with the hotkey.
  • It can set each capture device’s properties, preview and record real-time video, watch TV if TV Tuner is installed.
  • It supports open compression system for video and audio.
  • The video capture software encodes AVI files with DIVX, XVID, Windows Media Audio and Video Codec, DV Video Encoder, etc.

Download Open Video Capture | Previous version: 1.0

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open video capture


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