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recover lost passwords on Facebook

How to recover lost passwords on Facebook

There are many network users who have problems with the password on Facebook. Password forgotten piece of paper and write on a lost or stolen and changed by friends or boyfriends jealous. Without the password can not access your account and how to recover the password of Facebook? Just follow these instructions …

Facebook provides a wizard to reset your password if lost. The first thing to do is click on the link you forgot your password? at the top right of the home page of the social network, from this page we can find the password of Facebook simply enter the address email which we used for recording. After entering the security code, we can press the reset password. Check here our inbox to find a message that contains the secret word.

And to change the password instead? Do not worry, there is a solution to this problem. After you log in, go up settings, password, and then click on edit to forever change the password.

Instead separate discussion regarding the theft of passwords. Websites and blogs are full of methods to steal passwords for Facebook, but this is huge buffalo, which do not work at all.

The process requires more absurd to press the F5 key seven times in a friend’s profile to see your password. Or, according to well-informed, write a comment in particular bulletin board to gain access to our contact page.

Obviously, these procedures do not bring any results. There are no special programs or combinations to crack the password of Facebook, among other illegal operation.

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