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Become a DigitByte Affiliate and earn money

EARN 30% fromevery sale you send to DigitByte! All sales are tracked with a special Affiliate ID through the DigitByte online sales system.

You can download a custom build version with your Regnow or Shareit Affiliate ID from the following download URLs, If you like to promote our products, according to the promotion levels, we can give you 50% or even 75% commission.

Step: download products at the following URLs, and rename them.

Product NameRegnow IDShareit IDDownload
MKV to AVI Converter11146-31300264365
MKV to AVI with Subtitle11146-37300264421
Open Video Converter11146-7216146
Open Video Joiner11146-11212474
Audio/Video To WAV Converter11146-6215218
MIDI to WAV Maker11146-13225686
Photo Slide Show11146-1212474
AVI Joiner11146-9218290
AVI Splitter11146-10218491
MP3 Splitter11146-3212477
MPEG Joiner11146-4213701
File Tree Printer11146-5214138
CD/DVD Data Recovery11146-19300016134

If you like to use Regnow, and if your Regnow affiliate ID is 88888, download MKV TO AVI Converter, then rename mkvtoavi.exe as mkvtoavi.regnow.88888.exe

If you like to use Shareit, and if your Shareit affiliate ID is 99999, download MKV TO AVI Converter, then rename mkvtoavi.exe as mkvtoavi.shareit.99999.exe

Your custom built version will be generated, you can upload it to your server or just use ours.


Becoming a “DigitByte Studio” Affiliateis quick and easy. Our affiliate programis managed by , a specialist in software affiliate programs.

Signing up is easy and free, with no obligation to stay around. Just complete follow below URL:

Once signed up, Regnow will assign you an affiliate ID and you will be able to add products to your new account. You are now ready to start making money. Just add a link to the purchase pages.


Digitbyte products’ Pad files:

Product NamePAD Files
Photo Slide Show
Popup Killer
MP3 Splitter
MPEG Joiner
File tree Printer
Audio/video to wav converter
Open Video Converter
Ofilter player
AVI Joiner
AVI Splitter
Open Video Joiner
Win-Audio Recorder
MIDI to WAV Maker
Super sound joiner
File deleter
Audio converter & mixer
Easy Karaoke player
Network traffic counter
CD/DVD Data recovery
MP3 Joiner
WAV Splitter
Audio to video mixer
Floppy Zip Disk Rescue
MP3 to WAV
AC3 Splitter
Sound effect maker
File Splitter
Open Video Capture
OGM to AVI Converter
MKV to AVI Converter
WAV Combiner
WMV to AVI Converter
MPEG to WAV Converter
ASF to AVI Converter
WMV to WAV Converter
MKV to AVI with subtitle
DAT to AVI Converter
WMA to WAV Converter
DBS Gold Member Ship
Video to photo converter
Direct MKV Converter
WAV sample rate converter
Subtitle to video converter
DBS VCD Converter
Batch photo resizer
TIF joiner
WebM Converter
WDP Converter


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