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set up iTunes Store Allowance

How to set up an iTunes Store Allowance Account

You give your kids allowance monthly? Your kids ask for it if you forget to give it to them in time? There is an alternative way, iTunes allowance, which allows you to give your kids allowance, not in material or cash. One more advantage of this way is that allowance is given promptly automatically.


Open iTunes. You will be asked to update if you are not using the latest version of iTunes. Make sure you have the latest version. Pls visit Apple’s site to download iTunes and have your iTunes account if you don’t have it on your PC. It’s free.


Go to iTunes Store in iTunes. A box with the mark of “Quick Links” appears. Click “Buy iTunes Gifts” from the box. Scroll down and go to “Set up an allowance now”.


Input your and recipient’s name. Choose how much the allowance you want to give. It ranges from $10 to $200. You have choice: to send the first allowance right now or wait until the first of the month. Following allowances will be handout on the first of each month automatically.


Type the email address of the recipient. Make sure the email account is correct. What’s more, you can send a personal message to the recipient. The system will advise the recipient about the gift you give.


Go to the page of Account Info, amount of the allowance can be changed or cancelled.

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