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free cross-platform Markdown editor – Typora

Now a lot of software (such as Visual Studio Code, Leanote, DayOne, Simplenote, Atom, EverEdit) or websites (such as Github, wiki) have the ability to support Markdown syntax. Many software also support .md .markdown or text document format, whether you want writing or need to read, we need a simple and easy to use Markdown editor / reader – Typora which is a free software!  also cross-platform support for Windows and Mac.

You may find that although the Markdown editor abundance, but they are basically the interactive form “Edit” and “Preview” separated, either directly edited and arranged around the preview window or to between two switching back and forth between modes it is cumbersome and not intuitive. And with innovative Typora is completely subvert the traditional interactive mode, it uses a window but it can be achieved at the same time elegant code editor with preview “integration” combined! Giving users a more smooth and intuitive “WYSIWYG Markdown writing experience.”

You just enter the correct Markdown Syntax Notation (such as ## subheadings bold ** **) When Typora typing software as a trigger like keyboard shortcuts the corresponding text will be instantly transformed into them should be look.

the Operations such as Italics、 bold、 insert pictures、 references、 insert images、 codes、 tables、 ordered list in your code the moment the clincher, All magically “become a reality”, You see in the editor is Markdown direct effect of the final layout, This writing experience to fill the gap really really stick!


Moreover Typora supports syntax highlighting of code blocks (developer’s Gospel), For tables mathematical formulas in these more difficult MD input element, Typora also provides a very convenient auxiliary; Supports keyboard shortcuts; Also provides export Markdown to HTML and PDF functions.

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