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Burn Video to DVD

The article about burning video to DVD

Are you looking for the way to convert videos downloaded on line on a disk and want to keep them for future watching on a disk? I’d like to share my experience and ideas with you here.

First, you have to make video files in proper format (MPEG 2) organized in the standard DVD directory structure because mostly videos are not in correct format. They might be AVI, MOV, MP4, WMV or some other common format according to the origin of the files. Most video conversion applications can convert a video from one of these formats into a format suitable for ripping on DVD.

However, if you want to put only one video on one DVD, simply use a media converter. But no menu for navigation will be available in this manner. That is, the DVD will start the movie automatically when you put the DVD into a player. It’s impossible for you to skip episodes 2 and 3 if you watch episode 1 and want to watch episode 4.

In order to make selection of each episode or video clip possible, you have to build-up a menu similar to menus on commercial DVDs.

ConvertXtoDVD is the best way to build up a good DVD from multiple videos. Many companies specialize in DVD authoring and some are better than others. I usually use ConvertXtoDVD for DVD authorizing for this program deals with importing videos, creating menus, and burning files easily. I like it because it performs all jobs without using any extra software.

AVS Video Tools packs 4 tools is my second choice, and it works almost as well as ConvertXtoDVD. However, if you want to edit the videos as well, for example, delete noise, clip etc..

Ojosoft Total Video Converter is good choice. It can copy the video files, editing the files, build-up DVD and ripping the finished products. If you use the other programs to do authoring DVD, pls use any burning software supported DVD to burn the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders into DVD while you rip video as a data DVD.

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