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How-to: The guides, FAQ, tutorials or solutions | Here we provide users the guides or tutorials about various software, help users get the best solution as possible as we can.

how to disable duplicate MMS messages notification in Contacts+

Contacts+ - Best contact app for Android

Contacts+ – a beautiful, simple and smart address book app,  all people related information and services are brought together into your mobile contacts. It redesigned your address book to be simple, smart & stunning Quick actions, Smart prioritization, easy search & more. Your favorite services (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ & more) are integrated to your contacts address book It is …

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How to convert video to jpg

video to picture converter

With Video to Photo Converter, you can easily convert video to jpg format with customizable quality. When you download and install “Video To Photo Converter” to your computer, you can find your installation file “Video2Photo” directory, usually in your “Program Files”, if you do not specify a path. Donwload Video to Photo Converter Locate and double-click “Video2Photo.exe”, the program will …

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How to save battery power of your iPhone 5

save battery power of iPhone 5

How to save power of your iPhone 5? Perhaps many iphone5 users will complain about battery not enough , just a few simple settings , it can be improved. Standby will increase to nearly 16 hours , my phone used about two and a half hours , there is still 70% of the electricity. As follows : 1. Set – Privacy – Location …

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how to join video clips on your DC (digital camera)

digital camera

If you have shot some videos by using digital camera and you want to join these clips into one file, does you need a software to help you, the answer is: No! You do not need any software and you can join them into one if those clips are .mpg format. The following is the way: If you are Windows user, …

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Convert Web Pages, image, text to PDF with Chrome

chrome pdf converter

Convert Web Pages, image, text to PDF with Chrome There are a lot of PDF format editing or the PDF conversion software and PDF online conversion service in today’s Internet, which all can help you convert pages / images / text files as PDF files. But in fact, you do not need any PDF software or those PDF online services, …

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How to “assign or set specific ringtones” for your iPhone contacts

iphone contact

How to “assign or set specific ringtones” for your iPhone contacts Under normal circumstances, all contacts will be exactly the same ringtone on your iPhone, you have to come up with a mobile phone, looking at it, you will know who is calling. Sometimes you do not want to answer your phone , especially when you’re busy , but if …

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How to delete your iPhone Email after reading over

delete email for iphone

When you read a message to your iPhone ( or iPad or iPod Touch) inside the mail application, in iOS default settings, your program will provide you with an archiving function , you can remove the message you read from your Gmail inbox in this way . Your information will be removed automatically and all be saved in the All …

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How to disable ads on Kindle device


How to disable ads on Kindle device This is a very easy way to ban advertising on Kindle, and the most pleasing thing, this approach is completely free and does not require third-party software. This approach is this: You can contact the Amazon support team and ask them to ban advertising on Kindle with Special Offers for you. Their consent …

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stil der benutzerdefinierte google suche auf Ihrer website ändern

benutzerdefinierte google suche

Wie man den stil der benutzerdefinierte google suche auf Ihrer website ändern Google Custom Search durchsuchbar macht Ihre Website mit der gleichen Technologie angetrieben durch die Haupt Google.com -Suchmaschine. Sie benötigen einen JavaScript -Snippet auf Ihre Website Vorlage hinzufügen , damit Ihre Besucher in der Lage , leicht zu finden , die Inhalte , die sie suchen auf Ihrer Website. …

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open comic book archive (CBR format)

Free CBR Reader

Free CBR Reader is a small application that can open the comic book archive, referred to as CBR format. It can run on any Windows operating system. Its download size small, very lightweight, so it will not take up your computer space. Features include: a review of the scroll, scroll buttons, you can open the comic book archive files from a …

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convert png to ico

free ico converter

Recently, I want to make ICO for the Apple iPhone Icon / Apple iPhone Retina Icon / Apple iPad Icon / Apple iPad Retina Icon, their requirements are as follows: Icon for Apple iPhone (57px x 57px) Icon for Apple iPhone Retina Version (120px x 120px) Icon for Apple iPhone (72px x 72px) Icon for Apple iPad Retina Version (144px …

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