RMVB Definition:

RMVB format : RMVB stands for RealMedia Variable Bitrate, RMVB is a new video format which is the extension upgrading from RealMedia multimedia container format.

Its advantage is : RMVB format broken the video verage sampling compression method of the original RM format used, on the basis of guarantee the average compression ratio, it rational uses the bitrate resources, that is it uses the lower encoding rate in still or little action scene, this will leave more space of bandwidth, which will be used in the event of rapid movement scene.

On the premise that ensure the quality of still images, substantially improve the quality of movement images, thus the image quality and file size reached between a delicate balance. Also, compare with DVDrip format, there is a more obvious advantage, if convert a DVD film about 700MB in size, the size is about 400MB.

Moreover, RMVB has some distinct advantages with built-in subtitles and without external plug-in support, etc. To play this video format, you can use RealOne Player2.0, RealPlayer8.0 or RealPlayer9.0 to play it.

Files using this format have the file extension ".rmvb".

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