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Google hosts – updated continually

Today I’d like to share with you how to modify the Hosts file in your computer in order to visit Google, Youtube and other foreign sites.

google hosts
google hosts

The hosts for Winxp, Win7, Win8 and other system users:

Win7 and later system administrator privileges related to the problem, need to Run as administrator by using Notepad++ or other text editor, and then open the Host file to make changes.

A very brief step by step about how to edit your Windows hosts file (suggest you backup your hosts file firstly)

1. find the hosts file in your computer follow the path C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
2. open hosts file using a text editor (such as you can use Notepad++)
3. download the hosts.txt file in below download link.
4. double click and open the hosts.txt file, use Ctrl+A to copy all infomation and paste into your hosts file.
5. click save it, that’s all.

The Hosts file location for Other users:

  • Android users: You must root your phone, and then install the root explorer, open into the / system / etc directory, press the host file, pulled the pop-up menu below you will see “Open Text Editor.” Edit to enter
  • Mac OS users: host location: /private/etc/hosts
  • iPhone users: you need to jailbreak your iPhone merchine by useing iFunBox, PP assistant, or some other synchronization assistant tools (iFile) to access the file system, overwrite the original file after the backup and modify the file: /etc/hosts
  • Linux system hosts located in /etc/hosts

The latest Google Hosts file (updated at 2016-5-2)

Download link (size:155kb): http://www.008soft.com/download/hosts.txt

(Note: we will update the hosts file continually and in order to make it work well)

The working method after modifying the hosts:

  • Windows

Start -> Run -> type cmd -> Enter in CMD window
ipconfig / flushdns

  • Linux

Input terminal
sudo rcnscd restart

For systemd release, use the command
sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager
If you do not understand, please try at all

  • Mac OS X

terminal input
sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder

  • Android

Open Airplane Mode -> close airplane mode