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Scanner Pro 7 – best iOS phone scanner software

Scanner Pro 7 – best iOS phone scanner software

Scanner Pro by Readdle is excellent powerful mobile scanner software on iOS! It can use iPhone, iPad camera shooting information and intelligent calibration and automated cutting, the user can adjust the contrast, select black and white or color, etc., the “scan” out of the document image is very clear and professional! And can easily export scan or PDF files, send e-mail support, iCloud synchronization, quick upload to Dropbox, Evernote and other cloud services.


Scanner Pro 7 – Let iPhone, iPad into a portable professional network scanner

software design is very beautiful, but also easy to use (support multiple languages), you can shoot scan, but also on the phone album photos already scanned. Because unlike traditional scanners that need pressure lid, there is no size limit, so basically can scan any type of document, such as invoices, receipts, notes, business cards, ID cards, business licenses and other documents, and they were very efficient , basically as long as you have the demand scan, it can meet your needs.


If the next scan data and background color of contrasting circumstances (such as data is white countertops are dark), it will automatically recognize the edges of the paper and automatically ring out after you camera software will automatically help you intelligent cutting, you get scanning member will be very neat, professional look with the scanner is no different! The actual effect is very good, superior quality scans! And even the black and white effect can choose an ordinary black and white photos, or to simulate the black and white photocopies.


Also convenient than traditional scanners, direct web upload scanned copies of:

Software allows you to easily print or scan a document sent through the mail out, but also to send a fax directly support (this service for a fee, I have not personally tried it) on your phone, be sure to occasionally send a fax to the special circumstances of this software can help you!


In addition to e-mail and faxes, Scanner Pro also supports scanned document will be uploaded directly to Evernote (Evernote), OneNote, Dropbox, Google Drive or any supported WebDAV protocol servers, very convenient.


is a very good mobile phone scanning software, and the software itself provides support for multi-language recognition, the use of a very simple and efficient and extremely practical. This is probably one of the best iOS scan tool, the actual effect is great, iCloud synchronization feature is very convenient, whether you work or  for common use are very practical

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