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MPA TO WAV, MPA Converter Splitter Editor, tta to wav

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You can used this tiny tool as MPA to WAV Converter

MPA Definition: MPA is a file which stands for an elementary MPEG Audio Stream.

1. To convert mpa to Wav: please install the mpa decoder based on DirectShow on your Windows system.

2. Run Audio/Video to Wav Converter, click the Open Media File button, select an mpa file for mpa to Wav (wave).

3. To convert the whole mpa file to Wav, set the Output File name if necessary, then click the Convert button.

If you wanna convert a part of the mpa file, drag the slide bar directly, or click the Play button to preview the mpa file, then set the Start Time and the End Time. Finally, click the Convert button to convert mpa to Wav.

The converter can be used as MPA converter, which can split mpa file, extract a part of wav (wave) from mpa format. The converter can be used as mpa splitter, mpa cutter, mpa trimmer.MPA splitter can cut mpa file, trim mpa, slice mpa, divide mpa. It can also convert mpa to Wav, convert mpa to Wave.

TTA Definition : The True Audio, is a free, simple real-time lossless audio codec, based on adaptive prognostic filters which has shown the same or the better results comparing to majority of modern analogs from popular open-source audio codecs.

To convert tta to Wav, please install the appropriate the TTA directShow filter/codec/decoder from RadLight for the ape file.

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