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How to split audio into segments

You have come to the right place if you want to learn how to split audio files into pieces with below several audio splitter softwares.

Three audio splitters for you

There are three types of audio splitters for you, the difference is the focus of their functions, but the same is that they are very easy to use, you need only three steps that you can split audio files, Load an audio file into the program and select the splitting mode, then click the SPLIT button to split audio.

MP3 Splitter – because the MP3 format is very popular, have a nice audio divider to separate MP3 files is essential, the audio splitter help you to trim, cut or split a MP3 file easily.

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It is a simple audio splitter that allows you to split WAV file by size or by time. Set start/end time, let you extract any section of the WAV file you want.

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The software can extract the audio you want from your audio and video files by setting a start/end time and then save it as a WAV format, So, it also has an audio splitter’s functions.

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WAV is a sound file format developed by Microsoft, it is also known as Waveform audio format. WAV is the first digital audio format, it is the main format used on Windows systems for raw audio and other application widely.

The MP3 full title is Moving Picture Experts Group Audio Layer III. Simple saying, MP3 is one kind of audio frequency compression technology, because the full title of this kind of compression way is MPEG Audio Layer3, therefore the people called it as MP3.

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