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How to save battery power of your iPhone 5

How to save power of your iPhone 5? Perhaps many iphone5 users will complain about battery not enough , just a few simple settings , it can be improved. Standby will increase to nearly 16 hours , my phone used about two and a half hours , there is still 70% of the electricity.

save battery power of iPhone 5
save battery power of iPhone 5

As follows :

1. Set – Privacy – Location Services — System Services ( at the bottom ) , turn off all the options , except for the last one compass calibration , these are of little practical use , if you do not turn off , then

Mobile GPS will always send and receive data , consuming electricity .

2. Settings – General – date and time. Turn off the automatic setting , otherwise the mobile terminal will always search now your position , and then automatically adjust the time depending on the location . ( Although this is a very user-friendly features, but we usually less than this feature, this is also very expensive electricity )

3.  General – About  the Phone – diagnosis and dosage . Choose not to send , this option will pop up when activated , generally you should choose not to send . If you choose to automatically send , then the system issues in the process of using will automatically record , then automatically sent to Apple’s servers , which is very wasteful consumption , I suggest you turn it off.

4. settings – brightness. Turn off the automatic brightness adjustment , which is a very useful feature , but I chose to turn it off.

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