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RMVB TO WAV, RMVB Converter, 3gp to wav

RMVB to Wav, 3GP to Wav

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RMVB Definition: RMVB stands for Real Media Variable Bitrate and is used to contain RV9 (Real Video 9 video) and RA (Real Audio).

Audio/Video to Wav Converter includes a powerful rmvb converter that can convert rmvb file to Wav(E) with ease.

1. To convert rmvb to Wav: please install the latest RealPlayer if your Windows has not installed it. Download RealMedia Splitter, use the command line “regsvr32 RealMediaSplitter.ax” to register it.

2. Run Audio/Video to Wav Converter, click the Open Media File button, select an rmvb file for rmvb to Wav (wave).

3. To convert the whole rmvb file to Wav, set the Output File name if necessary, then click the Convert button.

4. To convert a part of the rmvb file, drag the slide bar directly, or click the Play button to preview the RMVB file, then set the Start Time and the End Time. Finally, click the Convert button to convert rmvb to Wav.

To convert 3gp to Wav easily, please install 3GP codec such as FFDSHOW + Haali Media Splitter, or HDX4, or QuickTime Alternative.

3GP is a video file format used for 3GPP on 3rd generation cell phones. It is a simpler format from Apply Quicktime *.MOV or MP4. 3GP files have the extension *.3gp or *.3g2. 3GP compresses video streams with H.263 or MPEG4, and audio streams with AMR (Adaptive Multi Rate) or AAC formats.

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