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How to extract audio from VCD/AVI/FLV?

How to extract audio from FLV/AVI/VCD?

Question: I want to extact audio from FLV/AVI/VCD and process the extracted audio for other purpose, How to do and which program I need?

The first solution:

To extract audio from flv/avi/vcd, you can use Audio/Video To WAV Converter which is an audio conversion/extraction software, It supports all current popular media file formats: OGG, APE, VCD, WAV, WMA, AVI, FLV, RM, RMVB, ASF, MPEG, VCD, SVCD, etc., you can also adjust some parameters of output files. So, with this audio extractor software, you can extract any audio section of the FLV/AVI/VCD files without any quality loss.

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If necessary, you would like to know the steps in detail, the references are given in full at this article of how to extract audio from MP4. Tags: extract audio from flv | extract audio from video | audio extractor

The second solution:

To extract audio from avi/vcd/flv: While you use Audio/Video To WAV Converter to play the FLV/AVI/VCD file, you can use WinAudio Recorder to record the audio section that you like, the recorder is a real-time recording software, help you record audio from FLV/AVI/VCD easily.

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Because the audio file which has been extracted from FLV/AVI/VCD is WAV format, the two softwares can guarantee the quality of the extracted music in maximum.

If you want to join the wav files into one larger file, you can try WAV Combiner.

If you want to split wav into segments, you can try the WAV Cutter.

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