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OGM to Wav, ON2 to Wav

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Audio/Video to Wav Converter is also a OGM converter which can extract audio from OGM files to Wav format. OGM Definition: OGM stands for a container format for audio and video files.

1. To convert ogm to Wav: please install the ogm decoder based on DirectShow on your Windows system.

2. Run Audio/Video to Wav Converter, click the Open Media File button, select an ogm file for ogm to Wav.

3. To convert the whole ogm file to Wav, set the Output File name if necessary, then click the Convert button.

4. To convert a part of the ogm file, drag the slide bar directly, or click the Play button to preview the OGM file, then set the Start Time and the End Time. Finally, click the Convert button to convert ogm to Wav.

To convert ON2 to Wav, Please install ON2 VP6 or On2 codec VP7.

On2 codec is developed by On2 Technologies. They say the video compression is over Windows Media 9, Real 10, H.263, H.264, MPEG-4. On2 encoder delivers better quality video at lower data rates. On2 codec is widely used on web video sharing, live webcasting, video VoIP, live two-way video instant messaging, satellite and mobile video, video surveillance, IPTV, and distance learning. You can encode ogm with on2 format.

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