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How to recover lost data and files?

How to Recover Lost Data and Files

Sometimes, in one of those little time to shine, it can happen unconsciously delete files from your computer, it would not be bad if later, in another moment of brilliance, there were going to empty the trash to free up space disk, making us almost immediately that one of those files had some importance.

Fortunately, all the deleted files from the Trash are not actually deleted, the operating system merely to make use that space not being theoretically more busy, then the data are physically on the hard drive, but no longer visible. Until that portion of the disk is not overwritten, you can retrieve the file or at least attempting a recovery.

The operating system, Windows in our case, by itself is not capable of recovering deleted files from the trash, so we have to rely on third-party programs that can read the disc in RAW mode, that is at the lowest possible level Reading the media, without interpretation of the logical structure of the file.

The Data recovery software named PC INSPECTOR that we recommended

PC Inspector File Recovery – OS: Windows | Freeware | 5.83 Mb.
Recover damaged or accidentally deleted data even after formatting

How to Recover Lost Data and Files

One of the easier and faster recovery software is PC Inspector File Recovery which can recover data on the filesystem FAT 12/16/32 and NTFS reconstructing and indicating the date and time the originals. The software scans the system automatically finds the available storage devices, even in the event that the boot files or the filesystem has been defaced or damaged. The software must be installed and run by a second independent drive. PC INSPECTOR course can not perform data recovery from physically damaged storage media on Windows not working.

How to Recover Lost Data and Files | step-by-step ?

1) Language selection

Operation is simple, after starting the program the first time, first select the appropriate language, after a menu from which you can select three different modes of reconstruction: Recover deleted files, lost data Find and Find the drive lost.

2) Choice of operation to be performed

For our example select the Recover deleted files. The next step is to choose which drive to recovery:

3) Select the Drive

Once you choose the drive the program will scan all existing files, including those disposed of:

After a few minutes, completed the analysis and recovery, the software interface will present a list of all deleted files. At this point, simply select the files to be recovered by saving them to another drive using the Save in … from the menu on the right mouse button.

4) Select the file to recover

5) Save the file to a different drive

A foresight to be reckoned is to not install the recovery software on the drive that contains the data to be retrieved. Otherwise the data may be overwritten, making it impossible to fetch.

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