Overview: Guide to Transferring/Download Youtube/Google video to iPod

the following software enables users to transfer any youtube or google video straight to their iPods.

Transferring YouTube/Google videos to iPod - Download

Transferring YouTube/Google videos to your iPod.

"Lenogo Youtube/Google Video to iPod Transfer" enables users to transfer any youtube or google video straight to their iPods. The program is extremely simple to use. Just browse internet videos with standard IE browser, and the program will start downloading your desired movies and converting them to an iPod-friendly format automatically.

Step 1 - Launch "Lenogo Youtube/Google Video to iPod Transfer".

Step 2 - Click "Add File" button and you'll see a dialog below. If you will download movie from youtube, just select "Add Youtube Video".

Step 3 - Please make sure your default explorer is IE.

When you find desired video files, the program will show a dialog below with the URL of the movies automatically, just click "OK" button for the next step.

Step 4 - You may need to change the movie title. To do this, put your desired name into the "Title" edit box. The name will appear as the file name in your iPod.

Step 5 - "Save as" is used to save the converted file to a folder in the hard disc. If necessary, click "Browse" button to change the default folder.

Step 6 - Now click "Convert" to start converting. The display on the top shows the converting progress. You may also preview the movie in the Preview Display on the right.

Step 7 - When the conversion is completed, the folder where you save the converted file automatically opens (you may also open the folder using menu "Edit -- Open Output Folder"). If you will convert another movie, select menu "Edit -- Remove All", and then go tothe step 4.

Step 8 - Launch iTune and choose "File -- Add File to Library". Choose the .mp4 file you have created, load it on your iPod, and start enjoying your movie now!

Key features of "Lenogo Youtube/Google Video to iPod Transfer":

Automatic download and conversion: Internet movie can be downloaded and converted completely automatically.

Highest speed: Transferring speed is higher than you may expect.

Single-step conversion: Directly convert internet movies to iPod-compatible format, no need of inter format.

Super easy to use: To transfer a desired internet movie is as simple as a few clicks.

User-friendly setting: The converting process can be stopped anywhere you want and the result is playable.

Hardware auto-detect: The program automatically detects your hardware and decide the best converting speed.

Preview display: The converting progress can be previewed using preview display.

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