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Webm Converter – convert webm videos easily – free download

Download free and convert webm videos easily

Guide: video to webm

WebM is a kind of video used by GOOGLE. The video stream is encoded by VP8 , The audio stream is encoded by Vorbis.

WebM Converter is a powerful multimedia conversion software, It is simple and flexible. The program can convert webm to avi wmv mkv file or convert avi wmv mkv to webm file, If you have installed appropriate decoders or encoders for video and audio formats, it has the ability to convert more video formats.

Main Features include:

Change video or audio encoding bitrate. Configure each filter’s properties before conversion. Convert video file with subtitle. Multi-language support.

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WebM Converter

The following are some of the requirements or conditions when you use the software:

Operating Systems:

Microsoft Windows XP/2003/VISTA

Basic Software:

DirectX 9.0 or later
WebM codec pack (Before you launch the program, recommend to install the WebM codec if you want to encode webm format)

Additional Software:

If you want to input or output is MKV format, please install MKV codec pack
If the program get the error message “Failed to load wmvcore.dll” when it is launching, please install Windows Media Format Runtime 9.5

How to use WebM Converter

1. Click the Open Video button, select a video file.

2. Click the Options button to configure the output options.

3. Click the Convert button to output video file.


Before you launch the program, recommend to install the WebM codec if you want to encode webm format. If you want to input or output is MKV format (MKV is a kind of video container like avi. It means the video and audio stream in MKV can be encoded by any video codec and audio codec), please install MKV Codec.Frequently Asked Questions about WebM Converter:Whenever you go to open up a video in your folder the error ‘xvidcore.dll not found or wmvcore.dll not found, etc’ pops up. You still can play your video files but that is annoying. If you want to fix the problem so that the error information will quit popping up:

Please download and install K-Lite Codec Pack 7.1.0 Full

Why do I not open my videos file successfully?

Please make sure you have installed the appropriate video decoder for your video files.

The clip has the black margin at the top and bottom. How can I remove it?

In the Output options dialog, choose Original size in the Resolution field. Select DivX codec in Video compressor, and click the Settings button, enter the Divx codec properties dialog, press Video tab, check Enable Crop , set number at crop top or crop bottom. Try several times, at last you will get appropriate output effect.

How many formats does the program support?

If the computer has installed the appropriate audio and video decoder based on DirectShow, the program can support it.

Why choose our webm converter?

Please visit the page WEBM Creator for reference.

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How to convert webm to MKV format?

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