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definitions for Audio formats, definitions for video formats

AVI : AVI stands for Audio Video Interleaved.

nAVI : nAVI is the acronym of newAVI. It is a video format and developed by a underground organizationone called ShadowRealm.

DV : DV is Digital VideoFormat. It is a home digital video format developed by Sony, Panasonic, JVC and other manufacturers.

MPEG : Called the Moving Picture Experts Group format, MPEG file format is the international standard of Moving Image Compression Algorithm.

MPEG-1 : Developed in 1992, MPEG-1 was designed with a goal of achieving acceptable video quality under 1.5 Mbit/s data rates.

MPEG-2 : Formulation in 1994, it was designed with a goal of high-level industry standard picture quality as well as higher transmissibility.

MPEG-4 : Developed in 1998, MPEG-4 was specially designed to play streaming media file with high quality.

DivX : This is a kind of video code (compression) standard which grows from MPEG-4.

MOV : One kind of video format developed by American Apple Corporation, *.mov is the file extension for the QuickTime multimedia file format.

ASF : Its full title is Advanced Systems Format (formerlyAdvanced Streaming Format). ASF is a digital audio/video container format developed by Microsoft.

WMV : Its full title is Windows Media Video. Microsoft uses the independent encoding method.

RM : RM stands for RealMedia. RM is the audio and video compression standard developed by Real Networks, Inc.

RMVB : RMVB stands for RealMedia Variable Bitrate. RMVB is a new video format which is the extension upgrading from RealMedia multimedia container format.

MIDI : The person frequently plays the music should always hear the word MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface).

MP3 : The MP3 full title is Moving Picture Experts Group Audio Layer III. Simple saying, MP3 is one kind of audio frequency compression technology.

WMA : WMA stands for Windows Media Audio. WMA format is a heavyweight contestant from Microsoft, with a tough background, it was stronger than the MP3 audio format, far better than RA format.

RA : RA Stands for RealAudio, RealAudio applies mainly for internet online music. RA is a popular streaming audio technology for the Internet from RealNetworks Inc.

VQF : An audio compression technique developed by Yamaha in 1990.

WAV (or WAVE) : WAV is a sound file format developed by Microsoft, it is also known as Waveform audio format, it is the first digital audio format.

CDA : cda stands for Compact Disc Audiotrack, that is the CD soundtrack. The standard CD-quality audio is 44.1 kHz, 16-bit stereo, 176.4 kB/s.

OGG : Ogg is an advanced audio compression technology, the official name is Ogg Vorbis.

AAC: AAC is the acronym of Advanced Audio Coding, it is an audio compression algorithm which is part of MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 standards.

MKV : MKV stands for Matroska video, Matroska is the extensible open standard Audio/Video container.

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