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Microsoft SkyDrive cloud storage

Services in the cloud are becoming increasingly popular. Cloud computing technologies have both advantages for end users and software vendors themselves. Microsoft has long been developing its own cloud in the form of Windows Live SkyDrive, which this year went through many improvements and innovations. This is not all that awaits us in the near future, probably around the release of Windows 8, which will be tightly integrated with SkyDrive.

SkyDrive can be a good run on a smartphone - Use the Windows Phone and the iPhone version of the new SkyDrive application, or through your phone's Web browser, you can access your data stored in SkyDrive.com. Tag: mega cloud storage

The details

On the official blog Windows Live SkyDrive creators revealed the veil a little on the future of services, which today is a very important part of Microsoft's other products. Redmond giant distinguishes three basic categories of data storage in the cloud and are as follows:

Cloud for files - a typical solution, such as Dropbox and SkyDrive just to let you store files on disks offered by suppliers, and thus can easily access data from any device.

Cloud for the equipment - something like icloud from Apple. It is a centralized store not only files but also the settings for the devices or other products.

Cloud for applications - a good example is Google Docs. Speech about the possibility of running and streaming software directly from the web, without the need to install on the local disk.

In addition, Microsoft differentiates the cloud on the basis of typical groups of customers using the service. It mentions, among others, students (exchange of documents), fans of gadgets (those with at least three devices, including a smartphone) and photo enthusiasts (of course talking about storing hundreds of thousands of pictures).

Interestingly, Microsoft is looking for solutions that will create the Windows Live SkyDrive service designed to meet the needs of everyone! Best of all is that the Redmond giant believes that dopnie purpose. Although not betrayed the details, but Microsoft boasts that SkyDrive will be future-safe and simple, to offer any surface (depending on needs) and to act on any device. In addition, our space in the cloud is a destination that will allow you to work from anywhere.

For more details we will have to wait. Microsoft representatives remained somewhat petty, but you can see that the Redmond giant apparently conquered by the presence of highly competitive products, as mentioned earlier icloud. It should of course primarily benefit us, the customers!

Refreshed Windows Live SkyDrive, which can be fulfilled (although partly) dreams probably Microsoft will debut with Windows 8, and so around mid-2012. We already know that the new windows user account will be linked to Windows Live ID, and the system will allow you to save data in the cloud, as well as roaming user environment settings.

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