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Minecraft – Pocket Edition (sandbox game)

Since Minecraft is a sandbox game , it does not play the game or mainline mandatory . However, there is a common goal in survival mode, the player is to find ways to build shelter to protect themselves and to resist the dark or when night falls generated monsters .

Minecraft – Pocket Edition (sandbox game)
Minecraft – Pocket Edition (sandbox game)

When you enter a new world , the time will be early in the morning . And reality , like , Minecraft is also in the sun goes down in Dongsheng . You can use to determine the position of the sun through the time and direction.

Before the first night comes, you want to take advantage of up to 10 minutes during the day to collect resources and build a bright cabin. First, you need to collect a small amount of wood and wood production tools to speed up the acquisition pace ; then use wooden picks boulders collected and produced a set of better tools .

If possible, collect coal or charcoal is very important to make the torch (although the torch does not lead to a lack of fatal consequences ) . If lucky find sheep , you can use it to make the bed , the bed will enable you to quickly skip the night came next morning , while your spawn point will be set up at the bedside .

Along the way, try to collect the items falling to the ground , they might need them in the future. ( Especially eggs, seeds, and monsters of falling objects )

In the evening, the main threat comes from wandering monsters . As a novice, the first night not to try and fight the monster , because you are missing a good set of weapons and armor .

The following are the default keys to move about roles:

W – move forward
S – move backward
A – move to the left
D – Move right
space – jump (in deep water, and hold the space button can float)
⇧ Shift sneak (hold down ⇧ Shift to avoid falling from the edge of the box and not be able to maintain its position on the ladder slipped)
ctrl – sprint (press twice W can achieve the same effect)

(These are just the game’s default button, all current keys can be modified via the Options menu (Esc menu).

Download Minecraft – Pocket Edition

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