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Convert Dat To Mkv

Convert DAT to MKV with one-click

The Digital Audio Tape (DAT for short) is a medium for recording and playback of audio introduced by Sony in 1987.

Is similar in appearance to a video and using a magnetic tape. The size is about half of a VHS, 73 mm X 54 mm X 10.5 mm. The DAT converts the sound at a sampling rate much higher than the CD (48, 44.1 or 32 kHz frequency and 16-bit quantization), uncompressed audio. This means that all the input signal is maintained. If a digital resource is preserved, then the DAT will produce an exact clone, unlike what they do, for example, cassette tape, which records the analog signal, or the MD who uses compression lossy type.

To convert dat to mkv, please understand *.dat can stand for many program’s data files. DAT is referred to a video file in this field that has .DAT file extension normally stored in a VCD disk. The DAT file can be played using Windows Media Player or other players. If you use CD or DVD drive to open a VCD disk in a computer, you can easily find *.DAT files (for example MUSIC01.DAT or AVSEQ01.DAT) usually stored in the MPEGAV directory. DAT file is a kind of mpeg format with more information.

the following software lets you convert .dat to mkv format easy and fast, just with one click.

About DAT to MKV Converter

Direct MKV Converter is a tiny tool to quickly convert video formats. Supports a wide range of formats such as MPG, MPEG, MPEG4, MP4, M4V, ASF, DivX, WMV, XviD, etc.

The functions it provides are not similar in other conversion programs. You do not need to preview the videos, or choose formats conversion ratios change, resolutions and audio quality or other, just with one click, you can let the conversion work done easy and fast.

If you want to convert DAT to AVI, please click here.

If you want to convert DAT to MPEG, Please click here.

If you want to convert DAT to MP4, please click here.

want to convert DAT to more, please click here.

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