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MP4 to MKV Converter – convert MP4 to MKV without recoding

Direct MKV Converter can convert video to mkv directly without compression. It supports input formats such as avi, wmv, asf, mpg, vcd or dat. If extra codecs are installed, the program may convert more video files like divx/xvid/ogm or dv to mkv

What is MKV?

MKV is the symbol of a digital video format standarded for Matroska (Matroska Video). It is complemented by mka format or Matroska Audio. Both have the features that they are free formats, they are not restricted by patents.

What is MP4?

Mp4 refers specifically to MPEG-4 Part 14. A standard audio and video container that is part of the MPEG-4 specification. The official file extension’s name is .Mp4

It is similar to the popular video format AVI, but MP4 has more advantages:

MP4 support for embedded subtitles (AVI can have, but only used in DivX6), MP4 is better than AVI which supports for video coding standard H.264, also known as MPEG4 AVC. As codified, an MP4 file can be created with several different types of codec including DivX and XviD. But as DivX and XviD are relatively well served by the encoded AVI file (which is much more popular), it is more common you find a MP4 which consists of streams created by unusual codecs.

MP4 codec was chosen by Apple for use in the 5th generation iPod. Also called the iPod Video.

The following MP4 to MKV converter included in this page has been designed by us and is of the highest value and quality, which can directly convert MP4 to MKV without recoding if you have installed the MKV codec.

About MP4 to MKV Converter

Direct MKV Converter can convert video to mkv directly without compression. It can support input formats MP4, if you have installed MKV codec, the program does not decode and encode video, So the speed is extremely fast. This product is good value for the money $29.99

In conclusion:

The software is very easy to use, because it does not directly required to recompress video files, so its conversion speed is very fast, so you can save time and improve efficiency. Through our testing, the output MKV video quality is very high, almost without any quality loss. Whether you are a novice or are an advanced user, this is a product for you. Do not hesitate to have a free download, and have a experience for its power.


1. Before you launch the program, recommend toinstall  MKV Codec for mkv muxer.

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mp4 to mkv converter

System Requirements:

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