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Adjust default Windows sounds

How to adjust default sounds of your Windows Operating System

If you wanna to adjust your default Windows sounds, the following is the step-by-step:


Click the desktop ( go to Control Panel if you use versions older than Windows Vista) and click the right of the mouse.


Choose Personalize ( for Windows Vista users only).


Click sounds.


Choose the action you want to do with the sound (i.e. Minimize window, Close window, etc).


Move to the bottom of the pop-up using for editing the sounds. There is Browse button. Click it to find the sound you want to be. Alternatively, you can change the sounds by using a scroll-down selection tab. under where it shows “sounds”.


Go to Test and check the sound. If you are satisfied with it, go to Apply. Otherwise, repeat the above steps to re-choose the sound you as you like.


Minimize it and trial run the sound. If it doesn’t work, maximize the sound tab and apply it again. If it still doesn’t work, check if the right action is selected.


You can have any sounds, maybe silly or terrible.

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