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How to save battery power of your iPhone 5

save battery power of iPhone 5

How to save power of your iPhone 5? Perhaps many iphone5 users will complain about battery not enough , just a few simple settings , it can be improved. Standby will increase to nearly 16 hours , my phone used about two and a half hours , there is still 70% of the electricity. As follows : 1. Set – Privacy – Location …

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Send photo to Twitter from album in iPhone 5

Send photo to Twitter from album in iPhone 5

Do you know, you can directly send your photo to Twitter from your album in iPhone 5 How to do? Just open the album, select a photo. In the lower left corner there is an arrow icon. Click on this icon, a menu will appears. Then select “Twitter”, then photos will be displayed in the upper right corner. Input your …

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Use “Do Not Disturb” feature of iOS 6

do not disturb ios6

Use “Do Not Disturb” feature of iOS 6 “Do Not Disturb” is one of the latest features of the iPhone. You can at night, or you do not want to be bothered at the time, Switching to this mode.   “Do Not Disturb” option include: 1. Scheduled: Automatically enable the “Do Not Disturb” in your specified time. 2. Allow Calls From: …

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Turn off LTE to save power in iPhone 5

Close ITE to SAVE power in iPhone5

You can turn off the LTE feature in your iPhone 5 to save power Sometimes you travel, or you forget to bring the charger, you have an urgent need to call,  At this critical juncture, this technique can help you save some power. open the “Settings” and enter “General“, close “Enable LTE“.  

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how to join video clips on your DC (digital camera)

digital camera

If you have shot some videos by using digital camera and you want to join these clips into one file, does you need a software to help you, the answer is: No! You do not need any software and you can join them into one if those clips are .mpg format. The following is the way: If you are Windows user, …

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Google adds Noisy Tab in Chrome browser for Win8

google chrome noisy tab

Recently, Windows 8 users may have noticed a Noisy Tab in their Google Chrome browser, and also can feel the Chrome OS like a desktop environment. To run Chrome in Windows 8 Mode, just select the option from options menu in the upper right corner of the browser and select Chrome as your default browser. As for the Noisy Tabs …

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Samsung’s new WP8 phone SM-W750V (1080P screen)

Samsung WP8 Phone SM-W750V

Samsung’s new WP8 phone SM-W750V (1080P screen) Samsung has recently launched a new mobile phone will support Microsoft’s WP8 system , and has 1080P screen. The SM-W750V has appeared in the Samsung product code base , and has got the Bluetooth SIG certification. According to the report content , this SM-W750V will have a resolution of 1920×1080 pixel 5-inch display, …

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Google Play Movie and TV available on iOS platform

Google Play Movie & TV

Google Play Movie and TV available on iOS platform January 18 message , the first Google Play Book landed iOS, followed by Google Play Music, this is a great significance, not only because of the powerful Google Library moved to iOS, but also because of its integration with Chormecasters . IPhone users who have Chromecast also be able to watch …

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Facebook will do in 2014? develop more independent apps?


Facebook will do in 2014 ? Introduce more independent applications Facebook mobile terminal strategy or change will occur in 2014. Last year proved the value of the mobile advertising market , Will Facebook make something different this year? The Verge made ​​the following speculation: 1. Facebook news reader application . For this product , there are media reports that may …

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CyanogenMod : published custom ROM installer for OS X

cyanogenmod custom rom installation

CyanogenMod : published custom ROM installer for OS X The comfortable custom ROM installer for CyanogenMod via one-click , there has been only for Windows PC users befor. But now CyanogenMod has released a beta version for the Mac for the development of alternative Android distribution. A whole series of Android devices can be quickly and easily equip with the CyanogenMod …

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Photoshop CC printed in 3D

photoshop cc

Photoshop CC printed in 3D – Adobe has updated Photoshop with 3D printing function Adobe has its Creative Cloud suite updated , including a Photoshop update that 3D printing is very simple . Select Printer and material already enough , the rest is done by the software. Also, Illustrator and Indesign CC CC received new functions. With Photoshop CC 3D …

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Perhaps Facebook will launch “Paper” news reading service similar with Flipboard

facebook paper

After several years of trial and error, the project halted and redesigned, Facebook now seems finally to launch a mobile news reader service. Sources said that the product will be launched this month, called “Paper”, similar to the mobile news reading application Flipboard. Allegedly, Paper may be independent mobile applications, it may be adapted to page the mobile device experiences …

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iPhone 6 new patent exposure – perhaps using liquid metal Home button


iPhone 6 new patent exposure – perhaps using liquid metal Home button Previously rumors: “Apple will use liquid metal ( in the next generation iPhone)”, and now the latest patented liquid metal seems to find some evidence. According to the website Macrumors reports, In this published patent contains a pressure sensor is the use of liquid metal alloy material, which …

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iPad Pro concept

ipad pro

Although 2014 has only just arrived, but we have very high expectations for Apple’s new products this year . Previously, A design company called “Set Solution” has brought a conceptual design for the Apple iPhone 6, even including the legendary iWatch smart watches . Now , the team has produced a 13-inch iPad Pro concept , presenting giant screen iPad …

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