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Asf To Webm Converter

ASF to WebM Converter – convert asf files to webm format easily

WebM is a new video format created by Google, it is silimar with MKV or AVI.

WebM Converter lets you convert asf to webm compatible with Youtube.

asf definition:

ASF (The Advanced Streaming Format) is a container format developed by media owner Microsoft which is widely used in streaming. The ASF framework belongs to Windows Media.

Like any container format, ASF does not specify the compression formats of audio and video streams, but only the structure. This implies that the ASF format files can be encoded with a very large number of codecs. Among the objectives of this format by Microsoft, we can note the reading network via streaming ( HTTP , MMS …), or on local storage medium.

The ASF is based on objects serialized by taking a sequence of bytes identified by a marker GUID (Globally Unique Identifier). ASF files can contain metadata such as artist name, title, album, year, genre, director … This is equivalent tag ID3 files MP3. The ASF container provides a complete set of tools for Digital Rights Management (DRM) in WMA and WMV.

Early in its history, the files of this format are presented with the extension . asf, but has since been replaced by extensions. WMA ( Windows Media Audio, audio only). wmv ( Windows Media Video, audio and video). ASF files have the MIME type application / vnd.ms-asf or video / x-ms-asf

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Requirements for converting asf to webm by using this program:

Microsoft Windows XP/2003/VISTA
DirectX 9.0 or later
WebM codec pack

download and install K-Lite Codec Pack 7.1.0 Full, If your computer does not support some special video format.

For more information, please visit this page WebM Converter created by digitbyte studio

WebM Converter

Step by step about how to convert asf to webm

The first step, the installation WEBM CONVERTER to your computer. Installation process is very simple, is not described here.

The second step, use the mouse to click on “Open Video” button, pop-up dialog box, according to the path to find your asf file. Click OK, resident files to the software. The following is a screenshot that a file has been selected.

The third step, click “Options” button, pop-up output file properties dialog box, select the output format as webm format, select the folder address to store your output file, audio and video compression device is the default, no setting. Click OK, complete the property.

The fourth step, click “Convert” button, if it is unregistered version, the pop-up “This trial version only output 1-minute video file at maximum” information. (Here and in fact no limit) and click OK.

The fifth step, pop-up “set filter’s properties” dialog box, where you can set the parameters of V8 Decoder Filter, if you are an advanced user, you can set it. If you do not understand how to set up, you can ignore it, the program will be conducted in accordance with optimal settings. Then, click “Continue …”

The sixth step, wait for the program to perform the conversion task, it took only a few minutes to complete while we tested this program, and its speed was very fast.

Well, that’s detailed requirements and procedures.

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