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AVI format : AVI stands for Audio Video Interleaved. AVI was a Windows multimedia video format launched by Microsoft in 1992, it has been recognized and well known together with Window3.1.

The so-called “Audio Video Interleaved” which means to be possible to play video and audio in sync. The audio is interleaved as “packets” into the video frames in AVI format. Being an advanced technology, AVI can be compared to Apple’s QuickTime in functions.

If you want to convert your avi movie file to MKV format, there is a solution to this problem to use Direct MKV Converter, in my experience, this is the simplest, but also the most efficient piece of software, you only need to click of a mouse, you can easily convert AVI files into MKV format, and absolutely no quality loss.

About AVI to MKV Converter

The MKV Video converter that works with avi to mkv conversion solution. Direct MKV Converter allows you to convert most current video formats to MKV (matroska video) that can be played on your computer. The program support various video formats such as avi, asf, wmv, mpeg, mp4… The program is configured with default settings, valid for all conversions.

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