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With the ever-changing technology, hard disk storage space is growing, and your files or folders will be expanding. At this time, You will feel the job of finding a document is very troublesome, because you will spend many time and effort to find a document in huge folders on your computer, If you are being encountered with such a problem, please continue to read the following contents.

What are the advantages if you have listed the directory contents?

# Have a file listing of music songs or print out the contents in your MP3/iPod/iPhone player.
# Upload your listing files to internet and share it with your friends, and let them view available files in a directory.
# Save your time, do not need waste huge time to find the file you want.
# Make up for the shortcoming of “Windows lacks this functionality”.

There is the solution with File Tree Printer – a tiny file-management utility which has the best feature to display or list directory contents easy and fast!

It will export and list the file tree of your directories, or display the contents of any storage medium on your computer, such as CD, DVD, USB, etc. Customize file listings to fit your own preferences with flexible settings. The output file (txt format) can be printed by other programs such as Notepad, Wordpad, or Microsoft Word.

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Download File Tree Printer

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1. Download and run File Tree Printer.

2. Set the output files parameters by click Settings button.

and press OK.

3. Click Display button to choose a folder to displaying or listing directory contents.

4. Then press OK. the program will list directory contents in txt format quickly.

5. Use other programs such as Notepad, Wordpad, or Microsoft Word to print the listing file.


[download id=”32″ format=”2″]

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