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display directory tree (structures) – software

File tree printer – display directory tree or display directory structures

File Tree Printer is the easiest-to-use application runed on Windowsoperating system to display directory tree or structures on your computer. It provides two output settings: List view and Tree View. Your files and directories will be displayed with file size and file time. File Tree Printer gives you the convenience of viewing the contents of your directory quickly, You do not need to find the documents one by one from your vast folder heap.

Main Features Including:

#Super easy-to-use, save your time, do not need waste your time to learn it, and you will master it in few seconds.
#Display directory tree or display directory structures fast.
#Output file in txt file.
#Even display an entire disk, for example display all the directories tree under C:/ D:/ E:/ …
#Display CD or DVD tree.
#It is a tiny program and only occupies a very little hard disk space.
#100% clean and safe.
#install & uninstall supported.

  • Price: US$ 25.00
  • Current Version: 3.2
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista
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[download id=”32″ format=”2″]

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