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Best software for recovering deleted files

How to recover deleted files

If you accidentally delete a Microsoft Office document and want to get it back? Do you know how to do it? Here I’d like to recommend two solutions based on my experience and knowledge.

Freeware for recovering deleted files:

The first one is Restoration. It’s free application. The application scans your hard drive for sectors including files marked for deletion first, and then copies the files to space on your hard drive the operating system has labeled as available disk space.

Restoration is seldom failure, especially when recovery files are small, like Word documents. The success rate reduces when handling audio and video documents because sectors of the file often get overwritten by something else. Restoration finds thousands of files on your hard drive, so it’s very hard to identify what you are looking. It’s easier if you can tell Restoration the file size or alphabetically by filename.

Shareware for recovering deleted files:

The second one is iUndelete. The difference between Restoration and iUndelete is the latter keep track of files deleted from your system actively. The app actively monitors files on your system keeping track of everything that gets deleted so that you can almost always get a deleted file back, it’s especially true for all Microsoft Office documents.

I have never found it fails. Another difference is that unlike many other deleted file recovery utilities, iUndelete tries to make deleted file recovery as simple as possible. Although file systems are complex, the procedure for locating deleted files is fairly straight forward because the file system itself is intact.

iUndelete’s interface reflects this ‘straight-forwardness’ to avoid the need for ‘wizards’ as seen in so many other, overly complicated deleted file recovery utilities.It’s $29.95 for the full version. I think the prices are reasonable.

Order iUndelete to recover deleted files now

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