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Record audio on PC with a powerful audio recorder

Audio Recorder – record audio on pc

WinAudio Recorder is a simple yet powerful tool to record audio with CD quality, the audio recorder supports to record audio from sound card, microphones, line-in, Cassette Tape, Video Tape, other Windows applications and more input devices.

System requirements: Full duplex sound card,  [download id=”27″ format=”4″]

Download the Audio Recorder Size:705 kb | Version: 2.2.2

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1. If you want to record audio from Windows applications, please select an input device with “Wave Out Mix”, which might appear as “Stereo Mixer”, “What U Hear”, “Output”, “Mixer”, “Wave”. When the audio recorder launches at the first time, the recorder software will select the item as possible as it can. If not, please select it manually.

2. If you want to record audio from microphone, please select an imput device with “Microphone”, and make sure the microphone is connected to the Microphone port of sound card.

3. If you wan to record audio from cassette type, video type, radio, walkman, etc., please select an input device with “Line In”, and make sure the device is connected to the Line In port of sound card.

To record audio on pc, you need to know:

If the audio of the output WAV file is distorted, the most possible reason is that the volume of sound card is too louder, please decrease the audio recorder’s volume or decrease the volume of “Volume control” or “Wave” in your Windows.

If you can not hear the sound of the output wav file, please try to increase the audio recorder’s volume, or increase the volume of “Volume control” or “Wave” of Windows.

WinAudio Recorder also can be runed in Vista, But it has a little different interface compared with previous Windows version. you have to select recording devices before start recording. But some recording devices are disable in VISTA by default. You have to enable the recording devices manually.

For more information, please read “Prerequisites for Windows VISTA” in HELP document of the audio recorder.

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