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SpyShelter – Protecting you against keylogging malware

Why do you need SpyShelter?

With people living their entire lives through their computers – from sharing and storing records of their personal lives on social networking sites or transacting with online banking and retail – the need to protect your personal data has never been greater.

Let’s start off with explaining what a keylogger is. Keylogger, often called as keystroke logger, is a malicious application that can capture and save all keystrokes into a hidden log file. It is installed in a background, without notifying the victim. It catches all the text you input into your PC, including passwords, visited websites, credit card information or your chat logs. Modern keyloggers have possibility to upload log files to a remote FTP server, or send them via e-mail every few hours to the specified receiver. Furthermore, they can take screenshots, capture webcam screen, record the sound using your microphone and much more!

To spice it up a bit, antivirus software is almost incapable of detecting keyloggers. According to various research you can find on the web, antivirus software detects only up to 25% of actual malware.

This is why you need a SpyShelter – the most advanced anti-keylogging software in the World

The first version of SpyShelter was released back in 2009. SpyShelter provides unique protection against zero day attacks because it does not rely on antivirus signature database. This is because SpyShelter understands how malware works so it can protect users from both known and unknown threats which have not yet been discovered by antivirus labs.

SpyShelter protects you against keyloggers, screen loggers, webcam loggers, and even sound loggers! But that is not all. SpyShelter guards your system registry and weak spots in your system to ensure that malware will not harm your PC. You can also create your own lists of applications with restricted access to system resources. On top of that, it offers features like keystroke encryption and even a fully customizable two-way Internet Firewall.

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