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Remove malicious programs from PC

If you wanna remove malicious programs from your PC, here it the all-in-one toolbox for removing malware named , which can check your computer in only one minute and compatible with all known antivirus software.

UnHackMe features:

  1. Scanning of installed programs for “Potentially Unwanted Programs” (PUPs).
  2. Checking for junk files, created by PUPs, adware, and spyware.
  3. Scanning of Windows startup programs, services, and drivers.
  4. Testing Windows shortcuts.
  5. Scanning for rootkits.
  6. Examining the browsers’ search settings.
  7. Scanning the browsers add-ons.
  8. Testing the hosts file and DNS settings.
  9. Testing startup files using several antivirus programs on the Virustotal.com

How to Remove Malware/malicious  programs with UnHackMe? the following is the steps:

1. Remove Unwanted Programs

2. Click on a Red Button.


3. Remove all unwanted programs using Next and Remove from Uninstall List.


4. Remove Unwanted folders and files.


5. It is better to use Safe Mode button if a folder is hard in removal.


6. Some items are unknown.

7. Choose an item and click “More info” for details.


8. Need help with removal? Use Remote Assistant.
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