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Reliable Data Recovery with Active@ File Recovery

Keeping digital data safe has become one of the greatest concerns of modern times, for both home and business users who are invariably heavily reliant on their digital assets. Nonetheless, while keeping data backed up is strongly advisable, there is no such thing as a completely fool-proof method than always guarantees your data is kept safe. As such, it’s highly advisable to take all available precautions to safeguard your most important files. After all, data loss often comes as a complete surprise, so it’s also a good idea to keep some data recovery software handy in case you find yourself in such a situation. Active@ File Recovery is a complete data recovery solution that will help you to get back deleted files or those that were removed during a disk formatting operation.

Although you should never rely on data recovery software as a backup solution, it presents the perfect last chance to get back data which has otherwise been deleted. It is designed to help you in such situations where you have emptied the Recycle Bin or formatted the disk. Active@ File Recovery will recover files in both situations, and it will work with a wide range of different storage devices, including internal and external hard disks and USB pen drives or memory cards. While data recovery can never be guaranteed due to the fact that the original (deleted) data can eventually get overwritten, this solution does present the highest possible chance of retrieving your lost data intact. You will also be able to run it from bootable media to prevent further modification to the drive in the event you want to recover data from the system drive.

It often doesn’t occur that, once you delete a file, there is any possibility of getting it back. Most of the time, however, it is possible to retrieve your data back intact. Once a file has been deleted from the Recycle Bin, or you have formatted the storage device, any space previously occupied by the data will be made available for the file system to create and move new data. However, only once the original data has been overwritten is it actually gone for good. Oftentimes, this does not happy for a long time, giving you a window of opportunity to recover the data. However, for the highest chances of success, you will need to use data recovery software as soon as possible and minimize use of the storage device in the meantime.

Active@ File Recovery is suitable for either home or business users thanks to its wide range of powerful features and ease of use. More advanced tools provided include the ability to reconstruct RAID setups, detect deleted files by more than fifty types of signatures and support for virtual hard drives and RAW unformatted disks. It supports all of the file systems used by Windows, Unix, Linux and Macintosh as well. You’ll also be able to launch it from its own fully self-contained boot environment. Learn more and get started today at http://file-recovery.com/

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