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Industry-Leading Hotspot Software from Antamedia

Antamedia Hotspot Software provides the range of tools you need to control and restrict access to your public Wi-Fi network, whether it’s a small localized one or something on a much larger scale. Steadily becoming the new industry standard in wireless Internet management, this convenient solution allows you to control your network from any computer connected to it. Whether you provide Internet in a hotel, restaurant, cafe or any other kind of public venue, this solution gives you complete control over the network. You can use it for offering free Internet, configure billing for paid services and much more. It supports integrated advertising as well. Thanks to included PMS support, you can also integrate the program with an existing hotel system.

Versatility with Any Device

Whether you’re running a small coffee shop or providing public Internet access to an entire town, Antamedia’s award-winning solution is designed to help you get the job done in almost any situation. You can configure recurring charges, activate a Web filter featuring around 2.5 million domain names and much more. It supports Active Directory integration, announcements, coupons, surveys and a whole range of advertising options for those who need them. For hotels and other public venues, TripAdvisor integration allows businesses to connect their audiences with the world’s leading consumer review site for increasing their rankings and broadening their reach online.

The hotspot software allows you to control access from any Internet-enabled device, since no software needs to be installed on the client’s device. You can also set a limit to the number of free or paid users, allowing you to keep in control of your bandwidth consumption. Understanding that every business has different needs, Antamedia also provides a flexible pricing system whereby you can purchase only the license that you require and, if necessary, upgrade further down the line. As such, this solution is highly scalable. With the free demo version, you can have up to three users connected simultaneously, while the cheapest Lite version allows you to control 20 users. Higher versions are completely unlimited, allowing you to control access to any number of users. Antamedia Hotspot Software isn’t just for wireless connections either, since it can also control devices connected directly to a router or repeater.

With lifetime licenses available, there’s no need to pay any recurring charges, instead allowing you to keep all of your profits if your business charges for Internet access. To keep in control of services offering limited amounts of bandwidth, you can also restrict uploads and downloads as required, and you can even configure download limits for individual clients and packages.

Customizable log-in pages allow you to display different login and signup pages for every location you want to offer Internet access in. If you’re providing paid access, the program supports more than 70 payment gateways as well, allowing you to provide your customers with an extensive range of options. You’ll also be able to continue using your own Wi-Fi hardware, so there’s no need for any expensive upgrades. Get started today with the demo version, available at http://www.antamedia.com/hotspot. You can also use the wifi service with free access. Discover how you can offer free wifi with Antamedia HotSpot: http://www.antamedia.com/free-hotspot/

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