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free program for backing up data

“TrayBackup” is a free system program for backing up data for advanced users or learners , Some features of the program are the automatic startup of the backup at Windows startup or automatically when programs are launched and the many opportunities for cooperation with different network drives. the backup can continue directly to another disk without having to cancel the process . Of course one can also choose whether the whole system or just individual areas to be backed up regularly.

traybackup - freeware backing up data
traybackup – freeware backing up data

TrayBackup runs under all versions of Windows (both 32 and 64 bit)

Download TrayBackup

Its main features:

  1.     Processing both single files as well as entire directories ( including subdirectories )
  2.     specific selection of file types with flexible file filter
  3.     Exclusion of files and directories to not be backed up
  4.     Ability to back up only new and changed files
  5.     automatic start of backup projects during startup or shutdown Windows
  6.     Files with Unicode characters in file names (eg Cyrillic, Chinese … ) are saved correctly
  7.     NTFS permissions of files and directories can be taken in securing
  8.     full network integration via standard UNC (\ \ server \ directory) or IP address
  9.     Files and directories that no longer exist in the source directory can be automatically deleted in the target directory
  10.     if sufficient space is not available on the target medium , there is the possibility the medium (floppy disk, Zip disk , CD, DVD … ) to switch and the fuse then continue ( ” Disk Spanning ” )
  11.     flexible definition of the target directories with source path can be copied to the target directory
  12.     Current date can be automatically appended to the destination path
  13.     non-existing destination paths are created automatically
  14.     Backup taking into account the archive bit
  15.     Protocol function ( display, automatic storage)
  16.     flexible control of request parameters ( see readme.txt )
  17.     Possibility of not fully describe the target medium , so a memory reserve space to have available (eg to finalizing a CD) as the destination drive can be selected any recordable drive that can be accessed via a drive letter (for example, zip drives , mapped network drives , …)
  18.     in conjunction with a UDF Burner software ( PacketCD , DirectCD , InCD ) a direct backup to CD or DVD is not possible
  19.     unattended backups ( “silent mode”) : all messages that occur during a backup can after a certain time are automatically closed ( the messages are stored in the log and can be tracked )
  20.     after successful backup windows can be automatically stopped or restarted
  21.     desired integration in the system tray (near the clock ) for fast access (eg start the backup with a single click )


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