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Back Up Your Entire Drive with Disk Image Software

No matter how reliable you think your computer might be, it would be tempting fate to assume that nothing can ever go wrong, leading to the loss of important data. System failures that leave you with corrupted files or storage devices or a computer that simply refuses to boot can happen for all sorts of reasons, so it is wise to always make sure you are prepared. There are many ways of backing up your files, but none are more thorough than making a complete byte-by-byte copy of your entire hard disk. This disk imaging method of backup will ensure that absolutely all of your data is kept safe, and there is no chance of missing anything that might turn out important once it is too late.

Active@ Disk Image provides a wide range of features and excellent ease of use to help you keep all of your data safe. An ideal solution for both home and business use, its user-friendly interface requires little explanation thanks to an intuitive design. It offers users two methods of backing up the entire contents of your hard disk or any other digital storage media, such as flash disks and external hard drives. With one method, you can create a complete backup of every byte (including unoccupied space) on the hard disk. This method provides a raw system image. This method is ideal for backing up hard disks and partitions using operating systems other than Windows. This method even allows you to salvage deleted files on the disk image using software like Active@ UNDELETE.

Although a lot of disk imaging software only supports hard disks, Active@ Disk Image can create complete backups of a much wider range of storage devices, including formats that are no longer widely used. To make things easier for you, the program also requires minimal user interaction, since you can schedule it to create automated backups at specific intervals. Since it can take quite a long time to create a complete disk image, particularly if there is a lot of data stored on the disk, this feature makes Active@ Disk Image a particularly convenient solution. It will also work in the background, allowing you to continue with your work while it keeps your data safe. In the meantime, the program leaves a minimal system footprint, so it won’t bog down your computer unnecessarily.

Active@ Disk Image is a complete solution for either home or office use thanks to its wide range of support for different storage devices. It also works on server systems, such as those running Windows 2003 or 2008 server edition and later. On the other hand, it also works perfectly with basic versions of Windows, such as those found on netbooks and other budget machines. Windows 10 is supported too, including 64-bit editions. You can learn more about the system requirements at http://www.disk-image.com . You’ll also be able to review an extensive user guide and support information here as well as purchase and download the software online. Get started with the ultimate data backup solution today!

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