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Network Traffic Calculator – calculate network traffics

Traffic Calculator – calculate your network traffic

The following is the software which can display and calculate network traffic of your computer by daily or monthly.

About Network Traffic Calculator

Traffic Counter is a tiny network traffic calculator that can calculate your network traffic, it is special useful for people who have limited monthly traffic, the program can calculate your daily or monthly traffic and alert you when exceeding the traffic limit. the program also can displays the current download rate and upload rate when you run your p2p software.

Download Traffic Calculator

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How to use:

1. Traffic Counter will launch automatically when Windows starts up after you install it. It runs as a tray icon at the right bottom of Windows desktop. If you do not register the program, the registration dialog will popup at the startup. If you have registered the program, the dialog will not popup any more.

2. Move your mouse arrow onto the icon, the amount of used data transfer in this month will show.

3. Right-click the icon at the right bottom of Windows desktop. The following menu will popup.

3. Select the Show/Hide item in the menu, the main dialog will show. It displays the used data transfer of today and the total used data transfer of this month.

Click the Daily log or Monthly log button to read the history traffic log in Microsoft Notepad.

4. Click the Settings button, the following dialog will show. You may refer to your Internet plan/package/agreement with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) before you set the following value.

You can set monthly traffic limit for alerting you. For example, if you have 20GB available data transfer in a month, you can enter 19.5 in the field. After the amount of data is transferred, the program tray icon at the right bottom of Windows desktop will be changed from to

Or set the start date in a month for counting monthly traffic. The default date is the first day in a month.

Note: 1GB=1024MB, 1MB=1024KB, 1KB=1024Byte

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