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make your own ringtones online or with software

How to make your own ringtones online or with the software DJ ToneXpress

A ringtone (also can be written “ring tone”) is the audio data which is most often used to refer to the customizable sounds used on mobile or cell phones. It is used for indicating an incoming call or text information.

Make ringtones online:

If you want to make a ringtone online, you can try to visit makeownringtone.com

Make your ringtones with the software below:

Although there are many articles on how to make your own ringtones from your favorite audios, there is none to achieve it using DJ ToneXpress. Here I’d like to share my experience and idea with you.

I think the best ringtone program is DJ ToneXpress, version 4.0. In order to make the ringtones by yourself, all you need are CD with the favorite songs, and the latest version of DJ ToneXpress. Pls visit http://www.djtonexpress.com to download DJ ToneXpress if no or no latest version available in your PC.

You have to pay $17 for license for the software, or you can be trial user at cost of $2.99 for the ringtone to be sent to your phone. There are many advantages for a registered user: you can make unlimited ringtones from your mp3s, .wma, .wav, .ogg or Audio CD files, for you and your friends; you have a lot of cool plugins to choose from;and save the ringtone file in your computer and transfer it to the phone by USB cable, Bluetooth or Infrared, which save your networking fee to the carrier.

For a registered user, follow the steps below:

There is a box that allows you to choose the piece of music you want as a ringtone. The maximum of fragment you can make for ringtone is 1min. You can set the volume of the ringtone. Moreover, the coolest is that there is fade in/out effect.

There are two methods to transfer the newly created ringtone to your mobile phone. 1. Use wap browser to download the ringtone your phone directly. Pls check if access to Internet is available on your phone. 2. Save the ringtone file in your PC, and transfer it to your phone later by USB cable, Bluetooth or Infrared.


  • 1. You need to access from your phone browser and type-in the download code created for your new ringtone when downloading the ringtone to the phone directly.
  • 2. To transfer it later to your phone, pls go to “Save Ringtone to My Computer” and choose the format of the ringtone. MP3 is common for phone. So you can choose it when you are not sure about what kind of ringtones your phone can have.
  • 3. Some carriers may prohibit you from downloading mp3 ringtones from 3rd party applications.

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