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best free web browser rank – Google Chrome

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A new web brower software fighting will begin. In most people’s computers, Microsoft’s IE still remains absolute advantage on the web browser market.

However, do not think that other web browsers on this market can only be followers behind IE. IE’s share was nearly as high as 90%, but now has less than 75% off. Clearly, IE’s market share has been shrinking, Firefox is catching up, Opera, Safari has become increasingly which has been known by more and more people. In addition to Web browser, Sarafi in the Mac OS, Opera in the mobile terminal also occupied a dominant position.

In fact, since Netscape, the web browser software market can not be a re-emergence of long-term products that dominate the all market share. From desktop computers to mobile phones, today’s web browser, the fight is safe, personality and a wide range of innovative capacity.

Google Chrome was designed to more easily and quickly browse the Web. Compared with other browsers, Google Chrome’s address bar features and other features have been different, and with other relevant features on your browser has very different. Google Chrome will be an open source product, which means that other people will be able to modify the code of Google Chrome.

Rank 1 – Google Chrome

Google Chrome browser -the following is the features:

* Use the new JavaScript engine V8, the JavaScript execution speed can be faster.

* The same as the browser supports the tags, but the difference is the last product, which are independent of each label program. This represents a tab crashes you will not need to turn off the browser. But it also represents the start of course will cost a lot of memory.

* A Firefox-based components, but Google also have to use the WebKit component. This also express a certain set of browsers can run on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.

*It is open source.

Rank 2 – IE browser

For the browser, people are most familiar with IE developed by Microsoft, the world’s largest software company, IE browser has the world’s highest market share of Web browser software market, in the height of the limelight in 2002, IE’s global market share was 95%, It has become the market’s absolute supremacy.

Rank 3 – Mozilla Firefox:

Mozilla Firefox – It’s a browser, but much better than Internet Explorer. Its free and has many options for your choice.

Rank 4 – Apple’s Safari:

In addition, Microsoft will also allow a headache in the global browser market, the third of Apple’s Safari browser. Although it is the third of its market share is only about 5%, but it has an unshakable loyalty of Apple enthusiasts. Apple started iTunes in the music player with automatic software upgrade for Windows users with Safari browser (if you do not like to install this browser, the need for special opt-out). This strong promotional apples in the community sparked strong reaction, and have achieved good results.

Rank 5 – Opera browser:

With the Internet and the popularity of handheld devices, a growing number of users like to access Internet through handheld devices anytime or anywhere, the traditional PC platform browser dispute also spread to the mobile platform. Opera browser in the phone browser to occupy a leading position in the field. Opera’s mobile Web browser “Opera Mini” launched in a few months, attracted 2,000,000 users worldwide.

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