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rip dvd audio, extract dvd audio, rip audio from dvd, extract audio from dvd

How to rip audio from dvd or extract audio from dvd to CD

There are several methods to copy the audio portion of DVDs to a CD. You have to choose the one which is suitable for you depend on DVDs are a commercial release or something you have the rights to.

The easiest way is to record it cassette deck style with an audio editing app. The procedure is something like this:

1. Open DVDs with software player like PowerDVD, CinePlayer or WinDVD.
2. Use audio editing application or download Audacity to record DVDs audio track.
3. Set Audacity to record 44,100Hz, 16bit Stereo.
4. Select Stereo Mix in recording options or “what you hear” if using a Creative Labs sound card.
5. Push Record button and begin the recording process..
6. Stop the recording when the movie is over.
7. Close DVDs player application.

To be safe side, you’d better to save a copy of DVDs audio in case your PC crashes or power failure. You can divide DVD audio into more than one file to put it on CDs because CDs contain at most 72min of Audio, but Movies often 90min in length.

You can split the audio into individual tracks and save every track. Alternatively save the audio as two big files and be ripped into two CDs. There would be several seconds of silence at the beginning of the file in this case. So please delete the silence before ripping your audio. To achieve this, highlight it from audio timeline and press the delete button.

There are two methods to divide the file into multiple tracks by using Audacity:

Method one:

Select Edit > Split from the menu to create two separate tracks.

You can save the individual Audacity tracks as separate files in this manner.

Method two:

1. Specify a segment of the audio using separate labels for each track.
2. Select Project and add Label at Selection (Ctrl+B).
3. Export the labels as individual files.
4. Create a playlist with a track order to rip the files in the order you create them by using CD burning software.

The second method requires to rip DVDs first by using a software application like SmartRipper. It’s a violation of DMCA and illegal to do so if DVDs is a commercial release with Macrovision protection and CSS.

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