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Convert VRO To MPEG files

How to convert Vro To MPEG

What is the good solution for converting VRO files to MPEG or any other video formats, thus I can burn it to DVD and play it directly on my computer?


To convert VRO to MPEG, you need to convert VRO to VOB or DVD format, then complete the conversion from VOB or DVD to MPEG.


Firsty, I would like to explain the two models of DC: First, the traditional mode VIDEO; Second, VR mode. The second mode VR is strong editorial and a video file name VRO will be stored in your disk.

Recently, I need to transfered a VR video file (with the file extension .VRO) recorded by Canon camera into my hard disk for editing, but I found AdobePremiere Pro 2.0 can not work directly. So I think I should convert it to MPEG (MPG) file, after a multi-line access to online information and practical operation, eventually I found a solution for this conversion, Now I would like to share it with you.

CD-ROM Cameras have two recording video formats for burning, one is common video format, another is VR (Video Recording) format with the file extension *.VRO. You can re-lift your CD for continue recording up to CD-ROM storage, it needs about 3 minutes.

If you recorded video in VR (*.vro) format, you can get a directory named DVD_RTAV in the root of you CD disk, there are two documents: VR_MANGR.IFO and VR_MOVIE.VRO, the former is the navigation information used to record the location of each fragment; The latter is used to record the video datas, all video clips will be stored in VR_MOVIE.VRO.

If you do not want to re-coding, all you need is to fast convert VRO to common video formats such as DVD or VOB, you can use a software named VRO2VOB which can directly convert vro to vob and the converted file will be stored in a VIDEO_TS directory, just burn it to a blank DVD disc, you are able to play it.

Finally, you need to convert video to editable MPEG. There is a software named DVD to MPEG Converter you might consider.

If you feel the VRO conversion is too trouble for you, you can use shooting Video format, thus reducing the conversion of the first steps, in certain circumstances, it may be more quickly and conveniently.

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