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Convert video with subtitle for iPod

How to Convert video with subtitle for iPod

The fifth-generation iPods, capable of playing video, are already quite popular, but still many people do not know is how to put the movies or convert videos with subtitle and watch on iPods. The program VLC, which is free software and is available for almost all operating systems and languages, is able to do this conversion and add captions.

The VLC is probably not the best or the fastest program to convert videos, but has many advantages. The program is free, easy to use and plays many types of video, with few limitations. If VLC can preview your video files, they can be converted with subtitle.

The following is step-by-step of how to convert video with subtitle for iPod.

Step1 – Download and install the VLC :

Videolan.org is the VLC offical site you can download the program for almost any operating system. Then, just install and install it on your computer.

Step2 – Open the program:

Open VLC and make sure that the function of repetition is not enabled. If so, the application will make a file with endless repetitions of the video.

Step3 – Open the file:

Go to File -> Open File and a window will open. In this window, next to Open, click Browse and find and select the video you want to convert. Below, within the Advanced Options, select Stream / Save and then click Settings. A new window will open, called Stream Output. Alternatively, if you want to use labels, select Use subtitle file (which must be downloaded to a specialized site), press on Browse and find the file of subtitles. Go to Advanced Settings and Encoding subtitles, select ISO-8859-1. In Relative font size, you better put Grande, for readability on the small screen of the player.

Step4 – Stream file Output settings:

Within the framework Outputs, select File and the box, next to type the name of the file you want to create. Make sure that the file has the file extension of Mp4. As part encapsulation method, select MP4.
In transcoding options, check and select the video codec h264. In the box next to the bit rate should be 768. Mark also Codec audio and select mp4a. The bit rate in this case should be 96.

If a file is used subtitles, select Subtitles overlay.
Before you click OK, it is important to add a text in the Target, For example, enter width = 320, height = 240, right after the # transcode (So that the top is well: chestnut = # transcode (width = 320, height = 240, vcodec = h264 (…).

Now, click OK. Press OK also in another window.

Step5 – Conversion:

The conversion should start automatically. Now the display is only expected to get there in the end.


Depending on the type of file to be converted, sometimes iTunes does not allow it to be copied to the iPod, although accept include it in your library. To solve this problem, simply, within iTunes, click on the video with the right mouse button and select Convert selection for iPod.

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