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Zune to AVI Converter – Convert Zune Video to AVI

Zune is a Microsoft-developed multimedia player in order to occupy the market and compete with Apple’s iPod, the main features include: 30 GB hard drive, receive FM radio, play audio (MP3, AAC and WMA) and video (H.264, WMV or MPEG-4) files, display photos (JPEG), share media files wirelessly with Windows PCs, Xbox and other Zunes.

If you want to convert your Zune Video (MPEG-4 and WMV) to AVI, DivX or Xvid format, there is two products you can use, one is MKV to AVI with Subtitle, and another is WMV to AVI Converter.

MKV To AVI With Subtitle can convert your Zune Video MPEG-4 or WMV to AVI in few clicks. Its another special function is to recompress or convert mkv with subtitle to avi file with flexible video compressor and audio compressor. select audio stream or track in the mkv file.

Note: converting your Zune video to AVI, please install the codec pack cccp into your computer thus the converter can work well.

Download MKV to AVI with Subtitle

mkv to avi with subtitle

If you wanna only convert Zune WMV file to AVI:

the WMV to AVI Converter is your another choice, it also can convert Zune WMV video to AVI successfully. In addition, it can also convert other regular PC video formats MPEG, MPG, ASF, VCD, SVCD, DAT to AVI file, Split WMV file into smaller segments, Real-time preview your video file, Change the frame size, and adjust the video aspect ratio.

Download WMV to AVI Converter

We guarantee that these “Zune to AVI Converters” does not contain any spyware, malware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.

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