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block malware with Bot Revolt Malware Blocker

Instead of scanning your files for signs of infections like anti-viruses, Bot Revolt Malware Blocker monitors active internet connections.

It checks to see where processes from your computer are connecting to, to which IP addresses and it then compares detected IP address with its list of malicious IP addresses, blocking connections that are in fact malicious, created by malware and viruses.

block malware
block malware – stop hackers & botnets

Unlike anti-viruses there is no need for long scans to slow down your computer, Bot Revolt Malware Blocker scans constantly. Long scans slow down your computer and leave you unprotected if you forget to scan.

Many firewalls do not show you who is trying to access your computer. Bot Revolt Malware Blocker shows you who and shows you where they are coming from!

Most firewalls only use specific lists, however it use them ALL to ensure maximum protection. In fact we add roughly 3,000 IP addresses to our block list each day!

You can see what programs/companies are trying to access your computer, up to the second!

It provides members with advanced information, tutorials, and notifications about existing and new threats. its organization is focused on prevention.

Anti-viruses are ineffective if you do not constantly update. Bot Revolt Malware Blocker updates itself each day automatically so you are protected from NEW threats.

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